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Get to Know Willio.

Whether you know it or not, you need a will. While no one likes to think about them, key issues like custody and financial care of minor children, allocation of assets, health care/end-life-decisions and final wishes are too important to leave in the hands of a long and drawn-out probate process. Luckily, there are tools to make creating your will painless, convenient, and thorough. The only online will application created by a practicing will and trust attorney to address estate planning needs, Willio.com takes the fear and hassle out of the process. Because he knows what people need to consider when creating their wills, founding lawyer Tyler McLeod designed Willio to go beyond surface concerns and quick questionnaires to tackle the issues and potential problems he has seen first-hand over his years in practice. Tyler and lead developer Erick Arbé have created an online platform that offers the ability to easily move through often complex issues, providing powerful tools, a user-friendly interface / questionnaire, and personalized guidance to easily and cost-effectively build a detailed estate plan that will secure your legacy and protect what matters most to you.


There are lots of online will applications that promise to make the process fast and easy, but complex issues require detailed solutions. Trust the estate planning expertise of Willio to help you make these extremely important and impactful life decisions.

Your Advocate

Lawyers are often referred to as “advocates”, and with Willio.com, this could not be more accurate. We put your needs first and foremost throughout the process, and we don’t claim to be able to help everyone. Because we support what’s best for you, unlike many other online will sites, we will tell you upfront if you have more complicated issues or interests that would be better served by consulting with an attorney in person. While some of our competitors are affiliated with insurance companies or charities to whom they direct business, we never try to sell you anything or suggest specific bequests to certain charities; we serve only you and your interests. We want to be more than just your online lawyer; we wish to become your trusted advocates, guiding you through every step of the process to get answers, think through eventualities, make big decisions, and ensure the security and well-being of those you leave behind.

Technology-Driven, Purpose-Built

While we would stack our platform up against anyone’s, it’s important to note that Willio is not a Silicon Valley tech startup. Willio was created by a will and trust lawyer in consultation with software engineers, rather than reverse engineered by developers. Everything about the site and its tools is technology-driven but purpose-built by professionals with years of experience in the legal field to give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your will will not only be valid, but thorough, complete, and expertly crafted. With Willio, you will start with a will but finish with a PLAN.


We also embrace and drive innovation and are actively working with state legislatures and through legal professional organizations to shape the future of electronic wills. Willio will be the online platform for not only creating a Will, but for electronically executing and storing the will using blockchain technology.

Truly Flat-Fee Pricing

Don’t be fooled by other online will generators – there is no need for upgrades or upcharges. Willio’s truly transparent, flat-fee pricing includes everything you need to protect yourself and your loved ones – including a last will and testament, a trust for your minor children, power of attorney documents, and a living will – for the low price of $149 for single people and $225 for couples, with no add-ons and no surprises. We even throw in a printed copy of all documents, as well as one year of access to the Willio Vault. The Vault is an online storage space for your will and other important documents, such as funeral arrangements and listings of insurance policies, financial accounts and other assets, to keep all this important information in one central and secure place.

The Smart Choice

Estate planning decisions can be tough, but with Willio, you don’t have to decide between easy and thorough, fast and personalized, or cost-effective and complete. Real life requires real legal expertise. Choose wisely. Choose Willio.