Willio for Advisors

Empower your clients to create their estate plan, simply and efficiently with a Willio account. Your advisor portal gives you the ability to send referral links, track client progress and send reminders for clients to complete their plan.

Start Inviting Clients

The invite you send to a Client will connect their account to your account so you can monitor their progress. You can copy the link and paste it in an email to send to multiple clients.

Stay on Top of Client Progress

You will see a list of the clients you have invited and be able to monitor their progress from your Advisor Portal. We’ve made it easy to see which documents they have finished and which ones they haven’t.

Share Documents

Once the client has completed their plan they can choose to share their completed documents with you so you have copies.

Estate Planning Software created by an Estate Planning Attorney.

Willio’s CEO is a real live practicing estate planning attorney and he has created a great solution for the clients who are difficult to convince to take the time and pay the money to see an attorney. Some clients just need to get something in place and Willio is a great solution for those clients.

*There is zero cost to use the Willio Advisor Portal.

"After using Willio for myself, I quickly saw how this could benefit my clients. It's a no-brainer - they don't need to step foot into a lawyer's office and I look like the hero."
Nathan D.
Financial Advisor

Willio allows clients to build a complete Estate Plan. Willio includes a Will, Financial Power of Attorney, and Health Care Directives (Health Care Power of Attorney, Living Will or Advance Directive depending on the state). 

Clients with minor children? Willio allows the client to create a Minor-Children Will which contains a testamentary trust for minor children which allows the client to specify certain ages when the children will receive property outright and name a trustee.  The Minor Children Will also contains a Retirement Benefits Trust so clients can name their children’s trust as successors on IRAs and 401Ks instead of naming the minor child directly.

A Complete Plan for your Clients

Stay Connected with Custom Reminders

Sometimes clients need a gentle nudge to finish their estate plan.  Send friendly reminders when clients need an extra push.  They will thank you for helping them get something in place.

Once the client has completed their plan they can choose to share their completed documents with you so you have copies.

Simple Pricing


For solo Estate Plan


For couples

Your cost to use the advisor portal: $0

Have questions about Willio’s Advisor Portal? Talk to the CEO.

Tyler McLeod is an estate planning attorney with an LL.M. in taxation.  He also happens to be our CEO and Co-founder.  If you would like to discuss the advisor portal, or anything else, with Tyler please feel free to email him at [email protected].

Willio Referrals

Advisors that sign up for an advisor account become part of Willio’s Referral Network for customers who ask us for financial advisors, accountants or insurance products. We do not give financial advice or prepare tax returns so we will connect them with an advisor in their area.

Ready to Create Your Advisor Portal?

Advisors can be a:
Financial Advisor, Accountant, Mortgage Broker, Insurance Advisor, or Other Industry Professionals